Enjoy the Safety of Jail breaking an iPhone 4

Much to the consternation of Apple, it is actually very safe to jail-break an iPhone 4 when you have the right tools. This little smart phone may be bright, but not smarter than the tech-heads who know how to hack, access and deliver. It is a good thing the apple smart phone has so many wonderful apps to choose from; however, it is even nicer that we can upload pretty much whatever is needed if the knowledge is there.

Some people have chosen not only to free themselves of the restrictions Apple places on their apps, but they also free themselves from AT&T for a network signal altogether. Many people simply want the applications not easily available to this little iPhone such as Google Voice. The term "jail-breaking" came with this desire to have the applications available to the unlocked iPhones that Apple, for whatever the reasons, chose to lock out as available options.

To this end, a team of hackers have turned their focus on the task of jail-breaking the iPhone and making these desirable applications available. iPhone unlock development-teams publish easy to use cross-platform access that gives tools usable for installing third party applications onto your unlocked iPhone that Apple will not allow into the Apple applications store, and there are currently no laws that prevent this activity. It is completely possible to access free tools with no proprietary codes and this means no one violates any copy writing laws. Apple has recently begun to argue that jail-breaking does involve copy-writing infringement as it incorporates modified versions of boot-loader, which is software that uploads the main operating system. For now though, there is still no law infringement when you are unlocking an iPhone 4.

Most folks that jail-break iPhone apps are also not that interested in remaining with AT&T's network, either. This is because better coverage is also available outside that locked service network. Money can be saved on lower cost plans and there can be more available help when traveling out of the country or on other continents.

It is important to consider that when jumping networks after jail-breaking an iPhone, it is not so easy to go back as it renders changes to the iPhone base-band or modem firmware, and the legality of this change is not clearly legal at this time. Naturally there is no tech support for this sort of activity.

Also, uploading of third party apps is far simpler. Better SMS options include biteSMS, mySMS, irealSMS 2 as an example to get started. When using landscape SMS on your iPhone—you can search for contacts, forward SMS and send SMS that goes out to multiple parties at once and keyboard corrections are also available. Stock SMS will not provide any of these additional services.

About Unlocking or Jail-breaking the iPhone 4
Truly, the only way to unlock the iPhone in order to put it with another carrier is by jail-breaking. Unlocking apps requires system level patches and activation. This can only be done if you are jail-breaking. Realize that you need not unlock your iPhone 4 to jail-break. These are actually two different things.

Next, you will find out just a few of the many benefits you will obtain when jail-breaking your iPhone, so keep reading.

About Task Switcher Mods and Backgrounder: More Reasons to Jail-break iPhone 4
Apple's multitasking app has a few flaws as well. First it has to be multitasking-aware, although sometimes it can be a hassle when it is using up so much of the free memory.

When backgrounder solves this issue, it gives full control over the apps that background along with how, and if, they background at all. Using a native back-grounding method it can remain fully running or you can use Apples multi-tasking aware app, or you can simply force it to close each time you hit home, as it should actually be.

Apple has also apparently cluttered the task switcher. With recent launched apps, clutter seems to happen regardless if it is running or not. If you want to close an app, you must hold the icon (this is in the task switcher) for a second. Only after doing this can you close the app.

Switcher mod solves this. You need to learn how to unlock iPhone 4 to use with switcher mod, so that you can choose to have only running applications view-able within the task switcher. Also any apps in this new switcher will have a close X button on them, which results in no longer having to hold them down. Nice!

Enhancement Folders
Apple seems to have copied "categories" app on 4.0. This gives the unlocked iPhone 4 folders. Unfortunately, it isn't possible to have folders within other folders, and are limited to 12 apps per folder. With 120 games, that's just 10 game folders. A whole page is completely dedicated to games. Some feel this just adds to the clutter issue, and it also gives you another reason to want to know how to unlock your iPhone 4.

In order to solve this problem, a folder enhancer is needed. Having a folder enhancer eliminates the 12 icon per folder limit, and it allows folders to be created in other folders, as it should/could have been to start with.

More apps than before
There are many apps available only for those who choose to jail-break iPhone 4's. They are all apps Apple simply declined from Appstore for some reason. It is possible the developer didn't own a MAC, or perhaps feels paying $100 to distribute their app is not worth it. If you load Cydia, you can watch a list of what's available to you once you have unlocked your iPhone 4. Many apps available from Cydia offer functionality unavailable in Appstore.

Examples are Springflash – this is an iPhone 4 flashlight that is enabled by holding down the power button. An LED light turns on. Hold it again, the light will turn off. The best for this is flashlight because when you turn this one on, the screen is a lot brighter. Who needs a dim flashlight?

Filters, iBlacklist and SMS
Another great reason for deciding to unlock your iPhone is to take more control of your phone's system. Why own a PC where only Dell decided what you could do with it? Jail-breaking iPhones opens your device up to you. Then you decide what to do with it. You can install BSD unix subsystems or even SSH. Use a mobile terminal if you wish. It is similar to a mini computer. Some have used unlocked iPhone 4's SSH shell and iPhone GCC for compiling the applications that have been released.

Tracking Phone Loss

iLocalis is a loadable app that can be installed onto your iPhone after it has been jail-broken. Use this GPS / location services and it will tell you where the device is. Having a 3g device with GPS, is a way to be pinpoint accurate. You will never lose the device because you can log into iLocalis web site and track its location.

There are many more reasons for knowing how to unlock an iPhone. Many people love music and all the quality apps that can come with your music functions. It is an easy task to continue coming up with more reasons for wanting an unlocked iPhone, or to know how to jailbreak your iPhone 4 in order to change your network for increases in options and functions. The most important thing to remember is that it does not have to be dangerous or damaging to use your unlocked or jail-broken iphone. Using the right tools both protects you and serves to make all the difference.

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